Our services use pre-defined processes that have been developed and documented during the collective experience of the Radian team.

These processes encompass the following services:

  • business analysis and strategic planning;
  • business model development and evaluation, including concept and revenue optimisation;
  • information and technology architecture and design;
  • integrated branding, marketing and communication strategy, program development, flighting and management;
  • technology consulting, planning, implementation and deployment;
  • business acceleration, bringing together multiple resources to bring viable business projects to market as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible; and
  • project management, with an emphasis on quality, reproducibility and documentation, and speed.

Any project may draw on process modules from each of these service sets; however all are characterised by:

Collaboration: the Radian team working on this project cannot and will not develop the deliverables in isolation; rather the project will be planned and executed with the collaborative input of the client team. Existing client knowledge resources and experiences will be required as necessary inputs.

Iteration: the process requires the input from and feedback to the client team. The progress of the project will be continually shared with the client team, ensuring congruent output expectations.