Helping organisations flourish in the information society™

We are a consultancy that helps public and private sector organisations address the challenges and opportunities of the emerging information society.

We do not 'sell solutions', but use systems-thinking questioning and enquiry techniques to develop holistic answers to complex issues and questions.

Our premise: a market orientation is central to business effectiveness, and technology is a key enabler of business process efficiency -- but people issues remain paramount. Our services thus encompass business and market strategy, marketing and process design, technology definition and enablement, and change management, all on a project basis.

Our clients include all levels of government across many different departments and directorates, as well as parastatals, NGOs, CBOs, and private sector firms that help enable and deliver on the promise of the information society. These are primarily in South Africa, but include a range of international clients from around the globe.

Our team comprises individuals internationally recognized as experts in their disciplines and as leaders of the transition to an information society. Contact us for a comprehensive overview of our expertise and capabilities.

Radian is a subsidiary of Future Perfect Corporation.

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