Current projects

2020 – Present

  • Digitalisation and digitisation strategy – Robben Island Museum: Radian is developing a three-year digitisation and digitalisation strategy, road map and an action plan. The strategy will position the Robben Island Museum as one of the leading Digital Cultural Hubs on the African continent, by introducing new ways of thinking and working into the institution through the use of digital technology, media and processes that were previously unavailable to the Museum


  • Digital and data strategy – V&A Waterfront: Radian developed a digital and data strategy (including information strategy, enabling strategy, options analysis and use cases)
  • Business case for the implementation of the Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) for the City of City of Cape Town telecommunications department
  • Business case for the implementation of bulk water monitoring loggers using Long Range (LoRa) communication protocol for the City of City of Cape Town water department

2019 – 2020

  • Vision, strategy and implementation model for broadband infrastructure and services for local government - South African Local Government Association: Radian developed a vision and strategy to guide local government thinking of broadband infrastructure and services as utility services (a 5th Utility), and to recommend appropriate implementation models. The objective of the Project was to develop a vision and strategy for municipal broadband infrastructure, networks and services, so as to enable municipalities to implement cost-effective broadband networks, and to propose mechanisms for the implementation of such networks

2018 – 2019

  • Digital Skills Shared Agenda for Action for the Western Cape – Department of Economic Development and Tourism, Western Cape Government – A European Union funded project: Radian was the primary consultant for this European Union funded project for developing a Digital Skills Agenda for the Western Cape Government. The project involved mapping the digital skills landscape and developing a roadmap for the future of digital skills in the Western Cape province. The project focused on the tourism, ICT, business & financial, retail & wholesale, animation, film & media, and gaming sectors.

2017 – Present

  • Feasibility study for investment by City of Cape Town in various ICT areas - United States Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) funded project: Served as local partner responsible for producing 10 business cases for US$1.8M investment analysis assessing the viability of proposed investments in five ICT areas focused on improving the SMART City’s service delivery (fibre infrastructure; intelligent transportation systems; safety and security; digital inclusion; and digital literacy).

2016 - 2017

  • Implementation Plan for the Establishment of the Cape Big Data Facility – Western Cape Government (WCG): Developed a comprehensive implementation plan for the Cape Big Data Facility. The implementation plan included the following work streams: Governance, Design and Build, Finance, Grants and Partnerships, Property and Services, WCG data requirements and Clustering

2014 – 2016

  • Transaction advisory services for The Western Cape Broadband Initiative (WCBI) through A Public Private Partnership (PPP) - The Department of Economic Development and Tourism, Western Cape Government (WCG): Radian was the lead PPP transaction, financial, commercial, strategy, institutional, organisational development advisor and project manager to perform advisory and project management functions for the Western Cape Broadband Initiative Business PPP Feasibility Study

2012 - 2015

  • Broadband Programme (Provincial Government of the Western Cape): Developed and designed a provincial broadband infrastructure project and related sub-projects within the Western Cape Province, Transaction Advisory to establish a PPP project from the concept stage through feasibility approval, competitive bidding and award, to commencement of potential execution of the project


  • CITI - The Cape IT initiative, a non-profit organisation aimed at developing the Cape as Africa's foremost IT hub (voluntary assistance since inception). This work includes board participation and in depth involvement in the establishment and development of the Bandwidth Barn. Year 2007 (complete)
  • Bickley Terraces Luxury Guesthouse - an ultra-convenient, 4-star corporate comfort poised above the Atlantic Ocean
  • - A UK based classical music Catalogue Company (client since May 2001).
  • The Lincolnian Trust - A renowned South African businessman created this family trust. We were involved in re-establishing some value for the beneficiaries.


  • Broadband Infrastructure Project – City of Cape Town: Radian developed the initial business motivation and plan for the City to invest in broadband infrastructure. The initial focus of the City’s investment in telecoms infrastructure was to reduce telecommunications costs whilst improving the availability of high speed converged services such as data, voice and video, to municipal facilities.


  • Provincial Government of the Western Cape: E-government strategy development and implementation (client since March 2001).
  • AfriDNS - Research and development on African Domain names (voluntary assistance since inception).


  • Joint Marketing Initiative - A new organisation (now named the Destination Marketing Agency) established by both local and provincial government to rationalise the publically funded marketing agencies and organisations (client since December 2001).
  • Presidential National Commission - Open Source Software and the Information Society: Policy and Strategy Recommendations to the Presidential National Commission of the Republic of South Africa includes primary and secondary research analysis involving all national government departments, review of case studies and best practice appropriate to the South African socio-economic position.


  • Haggai Institute - The project focused on the initial development of a web portal and content management system. Thereafter, we added advanced features - such as instant translation, video streaming and fully automated donations were added incrementally once the core site has been populated with initial content and is stable.


  • The NAIS project - an international project to review the nature of public representation in the Internet's domain name management organization, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Administered by The Oxford University Programme in Comparative Media Law & Policy and funded by the Markle Foundation (client since March 2001).
  • Department of Trade and Industry: Research Study on the Implications of the Information Revolution for Economic development in South Africa. You can download the phase II report: ICT Diffusion and Applications in Eight Industry Sectors in South Africa
  • SAA - Research, design and develop an Integrated Customer Service Strategy.


  • Anglogold – Marketing Plan for gold jewellery manufacturing division OroAfrica
  • De Beers - Knowledge management and information-sharing project


  • Nexus - A pure Internet company using IBM technologies.
  • CLF - The Christian Literary Fund, printers, publishers and fund raising.
  • VIPS - case-based training for healthcare providers.