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Cape Online is the name given to the E-Government strategy as adopted by the Provincial Government of the Western Cape. The initiative or programme is multi-dimensional and the vision is to develop an innovative environment that facilitates a competitive knowledge-based economy that promotes economic growth and enhances the quality of life for our people. (download pdf version - 1MB)

Currently our mission is enabling government to harness the capabilities of the Internet, to grow the appropriate use of ICT, increase internal efficiencies and provide a better service to citizens as a pathway to e-Government.

More will be added to this site as the strategy matures, in the meantime we are focused on delivery of value to all stakeholders. Please see:

  • A summary document of the Cape Online Symposium - this event hosted in September 2001, allowed all public sector organisations an opportunity to comminicate online projects and share experiences and lessons as well as identify opportunities for future collaborations and partnerships.

  • A data model of all Government Information - to be used in the development of an information product for the Cape Gateway (a single point of access to all Government services).

  • Bee is a content management system that enables government content-publishing teams to publish on the web. Its functionality covers: content input, workflow and reporting. The software is freely licensed to all government organisations in South Africa and internationally. Bee is available for download from it's own web site at http://bee.gov.za.

  • The Cape Gateway project is the first step in the staged introduction of e-government in the Western Cape. The establishment of Cape Gateway and its information portal are central to the Provincial Government of the Western Cape's (PGWC) efforts to introduce e-government to the Province. Please read our Cape Gateway case study as developed by Bridges.org

  • E-Government Services Research Project done in collaboration between City of Cape Town and the PGWC. Initial research to inform the design and development of e-government services

  • Discussion on the narrow issue of copyright vesting in material published on Cape Gateway (Download pdf 150k).

  • Launched April 2004

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